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While our facility is under construction, all pets are in foster care. There are no pets available for viewing at our office. Interested in one of our pets? Please fill out the brief adopter survey and we will get back to you in three business days or less!

Curbside Cuddles!

At Pet Central Helps! our number one priority is the health, safety, and well-being of pets

In order to best accomplish social distancing, adopters are asked to:

  • Select a pet and submit an online adoption survey for a dog or cat
  • A PCH adoption counselor will contact potential adopters within three business days (PCH cannot guarantee any pets availability, but we make every effort to accommodate adopters with a reply and possible alternative suggestions). Counselor and client will then have a conversation to answer questions, discuss any medical needs for the pet and determine the suitability of a match (if necessary, we may opt to put adopters in touch with foster parents via a meeting app). We do require that adopters discuss all questions before pickup via phone or email in order to minimize direct contact with our staff/volunteers at the time of adoption.  
  • After a match is made, clients will be asked to sign our adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee online through DocuSign*  *Please see our modified no-risk return policy. (below)
  • The PCH adoption counselor will then set up a specific appointment time and location.   
  • Adopters should bring a pet carrier and leash to pick up. Adult pets will be wearing a collar. It is important that clients arrive on time, neither early nor late. 

If your adoption is scheduled at Pet Central Helps!:

  • Drive-in adoption! Upon arrival inside the Crossroads Center complex (360 Wylie Drive), look for the Nu-Way semi-trailer, which is right outside of our facility (Suite 720). Adopters should pull up to the curb in front of the facility. 
  • Adopters should stay in their vehicle. Please be prepared with items such as a crate, leash, blankets, paper towels, cleanup spray, garbage bags, etc. 
  • Call 309-846-9534 when you arrive.
  • A PCH representative wearing a mask will carry or walk the pet out and place in the client’s vehicle. Social distancing practices should be respected during this process.
  • We will take a “Happy Adoption Day” photo with family and new pet through the window of the vehicle. Thank you to all for saving the life of a shelter pet! 

If your adoption is scheduled at PetSmart:

Curbside Pickup   

  • Your adoption will be at PetSmart in Bloomington IL, (1606 E Empire St). Pull into the parking spot to the right of the PetSmart entrance, in front of the Pet Central Helps! sign.
  • Call 309-846-9534 to announce your arrival.  
  • A PCH representative wearing a mask will carry or walk the pet out and place in the client’s vehicle. Social distancing practices should be respected during this process. 
  • We will take a “Happy Adoption Day” photo with family and new pet through the window of the vehicle.

 In-Store Pickup

  • Park in the PetSmart Parking lot and enter the store.
  • We will be set up to the right just inside the store entrance. Let us know you are here to pick up your pet!        
  • PCH representative wearing a mask will confirm your information and hand you your pet! Social distancing practices should be respected during this process.
  • We will take a “Happy Adoption Day” photo with your pet and family.  

PCH supports a 14-day no-fault return policy in which adopters are given the opportunity to find a better match. If we are not able to provide advice/tools to keep a pet in the home we offer several options:

  •  Exchange for a pet that may be a better match**
  •  Receive a one-year voucher for a pet that may be a better match**
  •  Receive a refund minus a $40 processing fee** 

With this approach, we can often turn mis-matches into opportunities!

**All three options are for a pet of equal or lesser of the original fee. (Lesser adoption amounts do not include a refund of any monetary difference.) All return options include a $40 processing fee.**

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