While our facility is under construction, all pets are in foster care. There are no pets available for viewing at our office. Interested in one of our pets? Please fill out the brief adopter survey and we will get back to you in three business days or less!

Mission & Values Statement

Pet Central Helps!
Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Pet Central Helps! is a progressive animal rescue serving Central Illinois, with its primary location in Normal, Illinois. Right now we are operating from a temporary administrative location and using foster homes (permanent physical location opens Spring 2019). Visit us at www.petcentralhelps.org

Our motto is: Keeping pets and people together!
We focus on a non-judgemental approach that follows the three E’s; Educate – Encourage – Enable through our interactions with the public.

Pet Central’s “Target Twenty” programs will be implemented in a staged approach as funds obtained through adoptions, donations, and grants become available. Pet Central Helps! goal is to become a convenient, comprehensive community center that assists animals in need and thus benefits our community as a whole.

Pet Central believes that keeping people and pets together, whenever it is possible and appropriate to do so, should be a priority for the animal welfare community and for society as a whole. To achieve this goal, we must put aside preconceived notions and treat people with respect and dignity whatever their financial or other life circumstances. We must support laws and policies that strengthen and support rather than break the bond between people and their animal companions. And perhaps most importantly, we must all work together; human and animal service agencies, pet owners, veterinarians, landlords, and policy makers; to ensure that pets and their people continue to live together; safe, secure, happy, and a vital part of the community.

Pet Central believes that pets and people belong together; that financial circumstances alone are not reliable indicators of the capacity to love and care for a companion animal, and that strong bonds between people and pets make for stronger communities.

We strive to reach companion animals and their people, especially in underserved communities, using a comprehensive grassroots approach to sharing pet wellness information, resources, and services. These components should ideally be centralized, with convenient access for all.
PCH prioritizes formal intake for animals in danger of euthanasia from kill shelters and other very urgent situations, while working to keep owned animals safely in their homes.
Pets are companions, and because humans make decisions for them, reaching out to their owners in an effective, non-judgemental and genuine manner must be part of the solution to reducing animal suffering.

Pet Central Helps!